10 Tricks to Save Energy in Offices this winter

by Angel Baker

10 Tricks to Save Energy in Offices this winter

Did you know that more than half of business managers have no idea how their company buys energy? And nearly 50% say they have a “limited understanding” of how much they pay on their energy bills, according to the recent UK survey digital signage malaysia price. There are a series of sectoral articles to help different types of businesses solve this problem. Read on and discover 10 tricks to save energy in offices this winter.

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10 Tricks to Save Energy in Offices

Typically, energy accounts for 19% of the total operating cost of office buildings. 

To give you a general idea of how this energy is consumed, take a look at this graph http://therev.my/smart-digital-signage/, in which we have distributed the typical energy consumption of an office block. Lighting is the main “bottomless pit” that consumes almost half the energy of an average office. Climate systems and IT equipment tend to drive up energy costs.

Someone please turn off the lights

It is time to start taking steps to reduce energy consumption. Here’s your first mission: When office hours are over, take a walk around the building. Go through all the spaces and think about how many lights you could turn off. Now, multiply that number that’s the approximate amount you can save by simply turning off those lights. Every year.

Put Economy Mode “On”

Adjusting the settings of computers, printers and coffee machines can lead to significant savings in annual energy consumption. Simply set the mains plugged in to go into power saving mode after 5 minutes of activity. You can save about € 75 per year per computer.

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The heating trick

Heating (and cooling) are the most feared energy vampires. Try to turn the equipment on and off only once a day, and if possible, half an hour before the activity starts or ends. In total you can save 5% a year with this trick without sacrificing the comfort of the building.

Change fluorescent lights for LEDs

This trick is also an economic investment, but the savings generated are greater. You need to research which LED options are the most suitable for your offices, consider their duration, their energy efficiency and what light you need for different environments. Changing fluorescent lights for LEDs can lead to up to 35% reduction in energy consumption. 

Motion sensors for lights

Installing motion sensors in different parts of the building or office can save you a lot of time, especially in car parks, which tend to be too illuminated in hours when nobody uses them. A useless waste of energy.

DCV for Climate Equipment

Another way to guarantee savings is to implement an on-demand controlled ventilation (DCV) system for the climate equipment. The DCV has a sensor to evaluate the occupation of each room, measuring CO2 levels and adjusting the necessary ventilation levels.

These are just a few actions you can take this winter to increase the efficiency of your office building this winter. Remember that the first step is to have a solid and accurate idea of ​​your potential.